Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cleaning the un-cleanable carpet

Above is a link to a short video on this job
Last year, We were called to clean some upholstery at a local manufacturing/ warehouse in Kansas city,  Missouri.  We cleaned the upholstery and then We offered to clean/ restoring the carpet.  We were told that they had a local cleaning company that cleaned the carpet monthly by contract. (whose name that starts with a J and rhymes with ring)  They had said ti was hopeless and that several companies that were experts had come in to try cleaning it.  It took us about 40 minutes before we had the right chemical formulation to cut through the grease but  it worked.  We were able to clean it and the best part is that it stayed cleaner.  The disappointing part of it was they didn’t get us scheduled to come in on a regular basis to maintain the clean they enjoyed.  Hopeful the company that starts with a J and ends with something that rhymes with ring will keep on top of it.   Maybe our calling is to help our customers get the attention of their contracted cleaning services that hey you are not doing your job!  The picture for this job was on the last post.  We did get several referrals from this job and the best part was the results that we left them with.
Most carpet cleaners and companys move much to fast to really clean the carpets most of the time they are leaving more sticky chemical in the carpet to attract more dirt.  They don’t understand the chemistry need to remove the crud from the carpet  they don’t take the time, use the right equipment or bottom line is they don’t care as long as they get paid.  We are different we care to do the job right.

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