Friday, August 30, 2013

The Carpet Butcher a nationwide restoration company

We think we have seen it all but this week we ran into another grand screw up of a nationwide restoration company as a desperate customer called me up based on our miracle reviews.   The client had water damage the restoration contractor sliced the carpet at angles and with a dull blade creating spaces in the seams that you could fit quarters in.  They replaced the pad and then seamed the carpet back together with out detaching it from the track strip and being concerned not to get the face fibers in the seam tape.   Needless to say there were 3 horrible seams if they could be called that. The seam tape showed through the carpet as if it was smiling or frowning with yellow glue and missing fibers everywhere as if the carpet had suffered the same adverse effects of the likely meth tripped installer's smile, missing teeth and sore gums and everything was rushed here and there. The restoration contractor said that was the best they could do.  

We end up correcting this by detaching the carpet from the tack strip cutting back 4 inches of carpet and double seaming all seams and then reinstalling the carpet and re-cleaning it. Our client thought  it look better than when it was first installed.   Why couldn't we have been called first.  Next time we will be in his household.  
Surgeons (Service MediX)(us) up 1 nationwide butcher losses another one .
Thanks Weston and Cody for your help.

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