Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Strippers for a day!

The days of ugly vinyl baseboards has past!

We were requested to strip wax floors in an industrial manufacturing plant.  The customer was dissatisfied by the quality of the work of prior companies and had some CEO brass coming from out of state to perform a dog and pony show for current and potential clients.  The plant looked great except the floors and bathrooms.  They just didn't look bad they smelled the part too. Getting the floors in shape was the easy part. The prior contractor had failed to strip the floors all the way. 

The baseboards were something different try 20+ years of neglect.  We couldn't just strip the baseboard to get them clean. We used some stone technics and chemicals to perform a miracle. What are your thoughts? Send me an email if you have a similar needs or any issues that you need help to solve. 

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